Chakra Wrap Bracelet

$55.00 $75.00

Chakra Wrap Bracelet

Naturally Dyed Suede & 24k Gold Vermeil Chakras. 

Chakras symbolize our inner energy centers.

Muladhara-Root Chakra represents our physical body, connection to the Earth & grounding. 

Svadhisthana-Sacral Chakra represents our inner emotions, creativity and sensuality.

Manipura-Solar Plexus Chakra is also referred to as the "Lustrous Gem" representing our mental state, sense of self & confidence.

Anahata-Heart Chakra is our connection and feelings with others, self love and compassion.

Vishudda- Throat Chakra is our ability to communicate and express our creativity and talent.

Ajna-Third Eye Chakra gives us our intuition, vision and spiritual insights.

Sahasrara-Crown Chakra is our connection to our spiritual source

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